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The [No-Code] Open Source Platform

Create your own business applications without code, allowing users and power-users to easily design and deploy their vision. One Proteus the PaaS built on high-performance stack: Golang and Vue.js.

You have exciting ideas you want to bring to life? We are now open for POCs with requesters!


Focus on users and power users, allowing them to image, design their own production ready Web and mobile applications. No code is required to create your own Business Applications. Cloud Ready, you can deploy One-Proteus on your premises, in the Cloud, or simply create your own space (tenant) as a service we provide.

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Imagine Better Solutions and Build Better Products

MIT License

Open Source: Full transparency, no hidden surprises

Drag-n-Drop Designers

Design your screens and models. Speed up your time-to-market by immediate communication and iteration with your users

Automate your processes

Design your own flow of actions and add your business rules via flow diagrams

Fully Responsive

Tablet, Desktop, Phone: all taken care of for you


Create your own isolated data environment and also allow your clients to create their own tenant


Design your own Dashboards

Mobile Apps

Build your own app to be used on iOS and Android


2-Ways integration. Propose your Open APIs and call external APIs

Tons of Features

One-Proteus is feature-rich while keeping user interfaces intuitive and simple


Our number one priority is to continuously improve the usablity and quality of One-Proteus. Suggestions, improvements, feedback? We would love to hear from you

Getting ready for Open Source

Document, test and clean!!!


Stage Publishing

Allows testing your ideas in qualification environment and, once validated, publish them in production environment


Market place

Your ideas may interest others? Share them with others!


Out-of-the-Box Connectors

Make it even easier to connect with other systems


Universal Communication

Text, Voice and Video


Get In Touch

Present or future Partners, Contributors or Users, we look forward to hearing from you!


Collaborate and ask questions.


Report issues and requests.


Company information.